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SingTel Specials - GeneLife SPORTS

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Muscles are mainly composed of muscle fibers and roughly divided into two types, "fast muscle fibers" and "slow muscle fibers".

The proportion of fast and slow muscles are different from person to person, it depends on the type of gene.  In the sports genetic test kit, we will examine the types of this gene.

The differences between fast and slow muscles

The fast muscle is a muscle that can contract quickly. Since it can emit energy instantaneously, it helps sports that require quick movements, such as short distance runs and goalkeepers.

On the other hand, slow muscle is a slowly contracting muscle. Since it can emit energy in long-term, it helps everyday life such as maintaining posture and walking, as well as sports that require endurance such as a long-distance marathon.

It is been known that "α actinin3 protein”, existing only in the fast muscle and genetically synthesized in the proportion of fast and slow muscle, is important for sports activities.

Base onACTN3genefor analysis

Whether "α actinin3 protein" existing only in fast muscles is synthesized or not depends on the type of "ACTN 3 gene".  If the gene is RR type, "α actinin3 protein" is synthesized mostly also known as explosive type; if the gene is XX type, "α actinin3 protein" is not synthesized also known as sustainable type; if the gene is RX type, it will be balanced type in between RR and XX types.

By analyzing "ACTN 3 gene" in this kit, you can understand your "muscle type".