Testing Consent


  1. The participant, by sending saliva samples to Genesis Healthcare, where genetic testing by SNPs analysis or sequencing of genes will be performed, will have access to his (her) genetic information related to the reactivity of substances such as alcohol and caffeine, as well as an estimation of risk of onset of diseases and trait. Also, the participant will be given advices in order to support his (her) health and beauty.
  2. The results of the genetic tests will be provided in standard forms specified in each product and service. The participant might not be able to choose the report format.
  3. The tests will be performed just if the sample is acceptable and the written informed consent has been completed appropriately. If there is a delay before the start of the genetic analysis due to inappropriate informed consents, the applicant might be asked to afford a new kit if the sample quality drops to unacceptable levels. Also, if the applicant loosed any part of the genetic testing kit, an additional replacement fee might be asked.
  4. This genetic testing is focused in populations defined as eastern asian. People who are not from eastern asian ancestry might not have receive the appropriate reports.
  5. This genetic test is restricted to people older than 18 years due to ethnical and social reasons.
  6. The results of this genetic test will be available on-line in less than 2 months after the sample is received. However, the time for delivering the tests results might be prolonged due to national and new-year holydays, as well as natural disasters that interrupt the analysis flow.
  7. This genetic test is performed in the company’s laboratory and/or other qualified laboratories. In any case, the samples are handled and managed by the respective ID numbers. No personal information is made available to third parts. Also, personal and genetic information are stored and managed under strictly security.
  8. The technologies used for this genetic test are Illumina’s Golden Gate, Affymetrix’s Gene Titan and others. These technologies are for Research Use Only, and the frequent Call Rate (= frequency of results obtained/ tried tests) is above 97%. However, the call rate might drop due to a poor-quality DNA sample. Please note and understand, before applying for the genetic test, that no technology can guarantee a 100% call rate and/or accuracy.
  9. The saliva samples and purified DNA cannot be returned to the applicant. The remaining sample and DNA will be stored during the analysis process, and will be appropriated discarded after the final test results are reported.
  10. This genetic test is not for forensic science (DNA Fingerprinting, paternity tests, etc), recessive gene testing (familiar cancer, etc) and autosomal dominant inherited diseases (Down’s syndrome, etc).
  11. Blood relatives might have similar genetic background, and some of the genetic information of relatives might be presumed from the genetic test results of the applicant. However, the genetic information of the relative might not be equal to the participant’s.
  12. A mental burden might arise by knowing the genetic information. The participant is asked to understand the meaning and limits of the genetic tests, as well as taking the complete responsibility in dealing with the obtained results.
  13. Unpredictable situations might result if your genetic information is known by a third person. Please keep this in mind if you choose to disclosure your genetic test result.
  14. The Genetic Test Kit will contain an informed consent form, which must be completed and returned together with the saliva sample in order for the Kit to be processed.
  15. Participation included allowing the company to use the applicant’s genetic and survey reports for research. The surveys include individual questions, and other features, and the participant can choose between answering or not the survey, which will not affect the genetic test processing.


As described in Terms of Service.