Statement based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

1.About the Seller

CEO : Iri Sato-Baran
Company Name: Genesis Healthcare Co.
Address: 4-20-3 YebisuGardenPlace 26F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6026, Japan
TEL: (+81) 3-5422-8506 FAX: (+81) 3-5422-8526


2.Statement of the sales and trading conditions necessary for ordering

Payment method: the products will be charged from your credit card when the product is shipped to Customer.

Delivery time: the delivery time (days since the product is ordered until it reaches the customer) will depend on the availability of the product in our stock, the shipment schedules and further period necessary for custom inspection in the country to where it is delivered, but is expected to be less than two weeks.

Ordering limit: as specified in the [ORDER] webpage or within the limit of the customer’s Credit card.

How to order: as specified in the [ORDER] webpage.

3.Statement of conditions necessary for order cancellation

Any product can be returned only if they are not opened and we receive a notice within 8 days after arrival. The refund will be done through the same credit card used for purchase. However, the shipment fee will not be able to be paid back.


4.Incidental expenses

Please confirm the local Customs rules. An additional tax might be required at the product delivery. In addition, the shipping fee will be charged.

Genesis Healthcare Co.
4-20-3 YebisuGardenPlace 26F,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-6026, Japan
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