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Genetic Testing Flow

How can DNA sample be collected?

Send your saliva samples and just wait for your result to be loaded in your personal webpage.

How do you collect the genes? Is it necessary to cut my nails, or extract blood? Is it painful?

The answer is NO. The genetic testing can be done with a small amount of saliva. There is no pain and the procedure is very easy.

Step 1: ORDER

GeneLife GENESIS can be bought through the internet.


After the kit is delivered, do your registration on-line as instructed. Read carefully the testing consent.


collect the appropriate amount of saliva in the collection tube and close the tube as instructed.

Step 4: SEND the SAMPLE

Put the collection tube in the provided envelope in the kit. Take it to the nearest shipping company or post office and send to Us.

Step 5: CHECK the RESULT

We inform you via email when your result is ready. It will take app. one month after the sampe arrives at GenesisHealthcare.