About the Company

Corporate Info

Company Genesis Healthcare. Co
Location(Head Quarters) 4-20-3 YebisuGardenPlace 26F,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-6026, Japan
FAX 03-5422-8506
Foundation Date March 1, 2004
Capital 700million Yen
CEO Sato Baran Iri
CTO Takeru Miyahara
Board Director Shinchi Kobayashi
Board Director Tetsu Kayama
Board Director Kouzou Denpo
Auditor Kazuhiko Shibata
Genesis Institute for Genetic Research (GIGR) 4-20-3 YebisuGardenPlace 26F,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-6026, Japan

Services (Japan)

  1. Genetic Research in general
  2. OEM (PCR, GWAS, Sequencing, Full-genome sequencing)
  3. Research and Development based on genetics
  4. Sales and development of genetic testing kit
  5. Genetic tests for health examination (Ex. Cancer, periodontal disease, Drug response)
  6. Gene therapy research based on AAV
  7. Research on genetic and environmental factors
  8. DNA Banking
  9. Bioinformatics
  10. IT consulting for the genetic analysis and its operation
  11. Educational seminar


  • Medical kit manufacturing License
  • Class III medical device approval
  • Hygiene Inspection Office Registration
  • Registration No.: No.65,Chiba-ken
  • Registration Category: Hematologic test

Our 8 principles

1. Ethics
We promise to comply the law and to respect and recognize the sensitivity of personal information entrusted to us by our customers.
2. Contribution
We promise to contribute to the development of science, as well as to the progress of the society as a whole.
3. Safety
We promise to have effective safeguard in place to make sure that personal information is kept securely. Moreover we endeavor the accuracy of our service.
4. Respect
We promise to respect any difference in religion, culture and ethnical opinions. These factors will not affect any quality in our services, including personal information security.
5. Commitment
We promise to commit high quality products, services and information, in order to maximize the company’s value.
6. Transparency
We promise to disclose of our techniques, research and statistic data at appropriate times in order to increase the company’s reliability.
7. Community
We promise to be open to any opinion, so that we can understand the potential needs of the community and to improve the quality of our services.
8. Sincerity
We promise t o respect and to protect any information and legal rights of individuals as well as other entities.

Corporate History

Since we incorporated in 2004, we have been contributing for the development of the genetic testing market and various genetic research projects.

2004.03 Founded by David Baran and Dr. Iri Sto-Baran
2005.03 Started Genetic Testing Services to Medical and Academic Institutions
2011.03 Surpassed 100,000 tests
2011.04 Established Genesis Institutes Genetic Research
2012.02 Commenced Online/EC testing Services
2012.05 Launched in-house brand [GeneLife]
2012.06 Surpassed 200,000 tests

Launched periodontal DNA test

2012.06 Started DNA Bio Banking Services
2012.12 Launched [GeneLife 2012]
Obtained medical kit Manufacturing License
Obtained medical kit Distribution License
2013.04 GeneLife Online services available on Smartphone
2013.06 Surpassed 300,000 tests
2013.12 Launched Ancestry test [GeneLife Haplo]
2014.03 Launched [GeneLife ZERO]
2014.04 Launched AGA test kit
2014.08 Established Genesis Medical Clinic Roppongi
2014.08 Launched [GeneLife NEO]

Registered as Hygiene Inspection Office (Genesis Institutes Genetic Research)


Headquarter / GIGR

4-20-3 YebisuGardenPlace 26F,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-6026, Japan