About GeneLife Genesis


In order to find the life-style that fits you most.

We analyze genes realted to app. 360 body traits and risks of developing disesases. You only need to collect and send your saliva to us. GenesisHealthcare enables you to design a healthier life and to prevent potential diseases.

Cutting edge technology

  1. 360 items examined
  2. Simple test process
  3. Reliable results and Confidentiality

What is a "Gene"?

Among all the genetic information inside the human DNA, the difference among people is as little as just 0.1%.
Knowing this 0.1% difference means understanding your genetic traits and tendency to develop some diseases. The genetic risk information provides you the hints to re-deign your life-style, which will help the maintenance of your health.
as the genetic information does not change through your life, but the earlier, the better.

Reasons why you choose GeneLife

  1. 11 years know-how as a pioneer in the genetic testing field, in Japan
  2. Best possible lists of your genetic traits
  3. More than 420,000 accumulated data base
  4. Strong technology and platforms
  5. Reasonable price
  6. No pain! Just collect saliva at home and send it to us
  7. Reliabe results and quality management for confidentiality