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GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0
GeneLife Myself 2.0

GeneLife Myself 2.0

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Myself 2.0 is a genetic testing kit that combines genetic research and analysis as well as concepts in psychology. This genetic test will give you more insight into your personality and character traits as well as help you identify your unique abilities and preferences.

Why take this test?

Take your understanding of yourself on a whole new level with the power of genetics.

Improve your social interactions

Become more aware of your natural tendencies and get insight into your communication skills.

Find Your Strengths

Discover your natural abilities and set the right strategies in achieving your goals of professional growth.

Understand yourself better

Learn more about your personality traits and chart your journey toward self-improvement.

What’s included in Myself 2.0?

The genetic test component consists of 102 test items across many categories.

Personality traits

Fear of uncertainty, Harm Avoidance, Novelty Seeking, Persistence, Avoidance Error, Immediate reward, Ethical Tendency, Depression, Orderliness, Negative tendency, Neuroticism, Sentimentality, Stress Response, Failure to Extinguish Fear, Happiness, Smoking Amount, Evening Preference, Reward Dependence, Self-directedness,Self-transcendence, Preference of outer appearance, Tendency to be in a romantic relationship, Drinking behavior, Sweet preference

Communication Skills

Agreeableness, Cooperativeness, Extraversion, Openness, Alienation, Dominance, Friend Preference(homophily), Friend Preference(heterophily), Prosocial Tendency, Communication During Early Relationship


Pain sensitivity, Odor Detection(isovaleric acid), Mathematics Ability, Attractiveness to the Opposite Sex, Musical Ability, Aging(brain’s performance), Exercise(Anaerobic performance), Attention/Concentration, Recognition of a sad expression, Recognition of an angry expression, Recognition of a disgust expression, Information processing-Digit symbol(DS), Information processing-Symbol search(SS), Information processing-Simple RT(SRT),Information processing-2-choice RT, Information processing-4 choice RT, information processing 8-choice RT, Information processing Speed factor, Odor detection(2-heptadone), Odor detection(isobutyraldehyde), Odor detection(β- ionone), Odor detection(Asparagus metabolites

Body constitution

Body mass index, Earwax type, Longevity, Osteoporosis, Hippocampal Volume, Amygdala Volume, Skin Type, Permanent Tooth Eruption, Primary Tooth Eruption, Erectile Dysfunction(ED), Hair morphology, Digit length ratio, Calcium levels, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, Magnesium levels, Phosphorus levels, Triglycerides, Vitamin B12 levels, Vitamin D levels, Caffeine Metabolism, Caffeine-induced Anxiety, Taste sensitivity(Phenylthiocarbamide), Vitamin A levels, Vitamin B6 levels, Vitamin E levels, Iron levels, Beta-carotene levels, Alpha-linolenic Acid levels, DHA/EPA Level, Alcohol Flush, Blood Pressure Change by Salt Intake, Bitter sensitivity(Caffeine), Bitter sensitivity(Quinine), Bitter sensitivity(Propyltrhiouracil), Taste sensitivity(Umami)


Corneal astigmatism, Dengue shock syndrome, Myopia, Severe malaria, Telomere length, Sleep Bruxism, Norovirus infection

GeneLife Reviews


Cool design and very functional app! All the info are presented with clarity and within a useful and modern UI.


Like the app design and articles for reading purposes- it is very informative. It’s also nice to have my report on the app as well as I do not need to keep logging in to the website when showing my report to friends/family. Look forward to more content for reading!


Very insightful, results easily available at any time and educational content around genetics and the areas influenced by it.

Our Japanese Heritage

GeneLife’s genetic testing service is brought to you by Genesis Healthcare, Japan’s leading genetic testing company. Genesis Healthcare brings more than 16 years of breakthrough genetic research and development, with the aim of empowering our more than 875,000 customers to know more about themselves and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Dedicated to securing your data

We take extreme precaution to protect all our customers with regard to the use of genetic information and personal data as required by Privacy Laws and METI Genetic Testing Guidelines in Japan. Our company is also certified by The Council for Protection of Individual Genetic Information (CPIGI). All our employees are routinely trained in Ethical Use and Conduct of Genetic Testing. We also have a strict security and compliance policy to ensure protection of sensitive data. Learn more about how we protect your data by reading our Privacy Policy.

How it Works?


Place your order

Order the GeneLife Generations test kit from the comfort of your home via our online store or GeneLife app. We'll deliver the test kit right to your doorstep.


Register your account and kits

Read the instructions in the user-guide to help you with your kit registration. Fill up all the forms and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


Collect your sample

Read and follow all the instructions carefully in the user-guide to help you with your and sample collection. Collect your saliva sample within the tube as per the instructions provided.


Submit your sample

Use the envelope provided in the kit to return the tube to us. Ensure that you have completed your registration for an account and your kits as well as agreed to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


Access your report

Once we receive the sample, we'll analyze it within 4 to 6 weeks. Access your report easily via our GeneLife app.

Compare our generic tests

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Genesis 2.0 Myself 2.0 Generations GeneLife DIET GeneLife SKIN GeneLife SPORTS
Targeted Gene
About 1,400 Gene Polymorphism from around 360 items Above 150 Gene Polymorphism from 102 items Covers ancestry mix, ethnic details and history, and maternal and paternal ancestor migration history 3 genes 3 genes 1 genes
Test Period
About 6 weeks About 6 weeks About 4 weeks About 4 weeks About 4 weeks About 4 weeks
Certain types of cancer
Inherited and lifestyle-related diseases
Yes Yes
Indicates genetic diet type. For more in-depth analysis and recommendations, purchase GeneLife DIET Yes
Indicates skin type. For more in-depth analysis and recommendations, purchase GeneLife SKIN Yes
Muscle type
Indicates muscle type. For more in-depth analysis and recommendations, purchase GeneLife SPORTS Yes
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