Due to overwhelming demand, we are undergoing a few changes in sample processing. Our customers will be receiving an email notification once the samples reach our lab in Japan, which will be around 2 weeks after the sample is mailed to us.

Singaporeans Try: DNA Ancestry Test

What is the ancestry of a Singaporean? It's actually more complex and more diverse than you think.

Our friends at TheSmartLocal discovered their ancestry and the results were really surprising! Watch the video below to find out what our Generations DNA ancestry test revealed about their heritage.



  • @saira – unfortunately we our Generations report does not include relative matching for now. You may find out more about what we do include in our report here: https://sgshop.genelife.asia/collections/all/products/genelife-generations-ancestry-dna-test

    @Angeline, you may find out more about the ancestral journey on your paternal side with our migration map feature.

  • I would like to see mine too. I don’t know my real parents at least I would like to know my route.

  • Hi,Im interested in your ancestry test.
    what are your test based on?
    I’d like to find out about my paternal side.
    Please write to me soon, thanks!

    Angeline Chua

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