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A writer's journey in discovering his Singaporean ancestry

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Image from Mothership

How diverse really is Singapore? This is what one writer at Mothership discovered by taking GeneLife's Generations ancestry DNA test kita DNA ancestry kit designed for Asians by Japan's leading DNA testing brand.

Starting out as a vibrant trading port at the tip of the Malay Peninsula and eventual development into a regional hub, Singapore's cultural landscape couldn't be anything but diverse. It's no wonder then that many Singaporeans feel that their heritage does not necessarily fit nicely into the "CMIO" (Chinese, Malay, Indian and others) categorization. The writer of the article also asks several of Mothership's staff and found out that they also have many things about their ancestry that are a mystery—things that eventually would uncover clues about after taking our Generations DNA ancestry test

Interested to find out what Mothership discovered? Read the article in full here: https://mothership.sg/2020/10/i-solved-a-longstanding-family-ancestry-mystery-thats-been-festering-for-generations/

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